Electrified Elegance

Delve into the epitome of style, eco-conscious craftsmanship, and visionary design. Embark with the Tyde.

Electrified Elegance
Delve into the epitome of style, eco-conscious craftsmanship, and visionary design. Embark with the Tyde.
Traverse the seas with unmatched grace. TYDE offers an unparalleled sailing encounter, graced with expansive ocean vistas. It's more than a vessel; it's a sublime passage to your next port of call.
Refined Precision

Venture into an ambiance where meticulous design surpasses conventional luxury, becoming an immersive indulgence from all angles.

Creative Superiority

Recipients of the Wallpaper* Smart Space Awards 2023 represent the zenith of innovation: transformative designs that enrich lives through imaginative flair, technological advancement, enthusiasm, and conscientiousness. The Icon, born from a partnership with BMW and Designworks, has been distinguished as "The Most Revolutionary Transport", becoming the inaugural yacht to claim this eminent distinction.

Technological Vanguard
In our quest to reinvent the essence of luxury sailing, we’ve mastered the fusion of cutting-edge hydrofoil mechanics and electric drive systems. This union heralds a new era of operational efficiency, environmental stewardship, and seamless aquatic journeys.
Embark on a matchless voyage of foiling, where ease meets comfort, underpinned by absolute navigational mastery, even amidst the tumultuous sea. Our revolutionary active hydrofoil technology propels high-speed travel without creating wake or resistance, enhancing the vessel's range with remarkable energy economy.
Range at 24 kn
Maximum speed
Battery capacity
› 50
The hydrofoil
Embark on an unparalleled foiling adventure with effortless and comfortable handling, empowered by superior control authority, even in challenging sea conditions. Our cutting-edge active hydrofoil technology facilitates high-speed foiling without generating waves or drag, thereby significantly extending the battery range.
Futuristic Command Center
All of the following features are intricately woven into a single, sophisticated platform:

• 32-inch touchscreen interface boasting 6K clarity
• Voice-command responsiveness
• Comprehensive charting and navigational tools
• Monitoring of drive mechanisms, foil dynamics, and pump systems
• Pioneering forward-scanning sonar
• Intelligent collision prevention driven by AI
• All-encompassing 360-degree camera surveillance
• Ambient climate regulation
• Integrated media and entertainment suite
Efficient Docking Solutions
Like any electric vessel, the Tyde may utilize the widespread and robust three-phase charging infrastructure at marinas, promising swift recharging—50% in just two hours — even prior to the widespread rollout of specialized maritime charging networks. Additionally, we craft and provide bespoke charging docks tailored to your Tyde.
Legacy in Progress
Tyde, a trailblazer in German luxury yacht craftsmanship, is set to revolutionize the realm of premium maritime leisure. With pioneering technology at our helm, we’re crafting a legacy where elegance meets eco-consciousness.
Carving Tomorrow’s Nautical Path
Tyde epitomizes the harmonious blend of opulence with environmental mindfulness, steering the course of yacht innovation. Our leadership is committed to overcoming the challenges of marine mobility, ensuring our ventures leave a lasting, sustainable impact on the segment.
Guardians of the Blue
Maritime eco-friendly travel lags behind its terrestrial counterpart, with many sectors still reliant on fossil fuels. Through our commitment to hydrofoil innovation, emission-free electric propulsion, and a judicious choice of recyclable materials, our aim is to preserve the oceans that bear us.
United Vision for Change
With a shared ambition for leading the charge in electric mobility, BMW has joined forces with Tyde in a remarkable venture, culminating in the inception of a trailblazing yacht. A synergy of unmatched design, technology, and purpose, set to redefine the high-end marine domain.
About Designworks
Designworks, a BMW Group affiliate, steered the aesthetic direction of The Icon. With studios in key global locales, their team infuses industry knowledge with a global perspective to serve the most exacting clientele. Their work transcends mere form, embodying a profound grasp of international consumer trends and converting groundbreaking concepts into compelling designs.
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